If you are sick and tired of feeding your opponents and running back and forth from the healing fountain to the front lines, then listen very closely because this will be the most important page you will ever read!

In just minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how I went from being called a hopeless noob who couldn’t even get into a team game to achieving ‘Godlike’ status with people begging me to join their team! You can be that winner if you follow these steps closely and learn all the hidden tricks most of the pros/gosus will never teach you in years!


From: Tony 'T Dub' Sanders

San Dimas, CA

Everyone that have played DOTA knows the thrill of hearing the words ‘Monster Kill’ as they sweep across the battlefield pwning one hero after another.

As you are reading this letter, you will probably feel that in order to become DOTA’s most wanted team mate, you will need to sacrifice hours after hours of your social life training in front of the computer, leaving your girlfriend (or boyfriend) behind as you slog away killing/denying creeps and live in a virtual commune where people do nothing but eat, sleep and drink DOTA till your eyes bleed.

You may begin to think that spending 4-6 hours a day is the bare minimum time you will need to master the game.

Well… after all the hundreds of hours I’ve clocked in, I can personally attest to the fact that this idea is:


Now that I got your attention, allow me to share a bit about my experiences in DOTA.

Back in the old days, I was a feeder.

I hopped on from pubbies to pubbies trying to learn the ropes the hard way.

My items were always poor and I just can’t seem to fit into my team even if they were pros!

The more I played, the more frustrated I became to the point where the more hours I spent playing DOTA I actually started hating the game because I couldn’t get the results I wanted.

And after training for years, I’ve realized that enough is enough!

The definition of insanity is – doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

It was a lack of knowledge and therefore I set myself out on a quest to find out what’s missing.

The rest, as you know is history. Fast forward and this is what I’ve achieved back in the old days using random nicknames in pubbies:



Dota started becoming fun for me again. After all, you will tend to enjoy it more when you are winning and I’ve never felt better in my life.

So how did I do it and how can it work for you?



The first step I did was to know more people. I couldn’t stick around in pubbies or playing with my same old dead beat friends who kept using the same heroes doing the same old things over and over again.

The change of environment was good and I started networking with tournament players, organized teams and people who were really, really good at DOTA.

I chatted with them, played with them and most important of all, I learned from them. It was a whole new level of gaming and my playing style reached a new level.

I also thought to myself that it is through learning about the insider information that made me grow leaps and bounds in DOTA that I believe it could be replicated. It’s all about doing the right thing rather than beating a dead horse!

Listen… if you are struggling in the game, I know exactly how you feel.

I’ve been there.

When I joined a LAN game at the Internet café, some of my DOTA friends would tell me, “Tony, can you please join the next game? We’re full or we’re waiting for someone.”

It hurts.

I know… because I was not good enough.

But today, virtually everyone fights to be on my team. They even asked me to close a slot on my team so that it would ‘balance’ the skill level.

And it was all because I was learning the right knowledge in record time.

I figure that if I could do it, I could pass this knowledge down to you as well!

Take a deep breath…

DOTA 2 Secrets is not your average guide, it contains 20,000 words filled with images on how to master every hero, every item, every lane, every creep and every single detail on how you can master this game in record time.

Gone are the days of trial and error.

If the only way for people to learn and grow is from each and every mistake they made from the game, then it is a really crappy way to learn the game. If you had a choice, why don’t you learn from WINNING and beating others?

This guide will save you lots and lots of time in the process and it will making your gaming experience so much more enjoyable compared to wasting precious seconds waiting to respawn at the fountain – there’s only so much gold you can spend to buy back your hero! You should be out there killing!

I am aware that there are so many guides out there who promise you the sky but fail to deliver because I’ve bought them all and they are all nothing but filler and minimal tips about stuff that I already know inside out.

If you’ve played DOTA before, you obviously don’t need someone telling you the difference between creeping and denying a creep.

Even worse are guides that teach you how to map hack your opponents finding out their locations, where they are creeping etc. Those stuff will only get you banned!

I don’t want to waste your money that’s why I’m giving you the beef straight away.

You can be at the top when you learn these killer strategies:

  You will get a step by step guide for each and every hero’s strength and weaknesses giving you a complete breakdown in terms of Strength, Agility and Intelligence heroes.
  Why 99% of players out there are out of sync with their team and how to make the best use of them even if they are strangers!
  Essential tips on building your hero’s stats as well as multiple options depending on the situation (e.g. your team mates’ heroes, your opponent’s heroes, skill level etc)
  When to single lane and when to lane with others. Which are the best lanes to go for which hero, every nook and cranny revealed that will work to your advantage.
  Item builds for every single hero out there. Which path is the easiest to go for, which path gives good progression for early, mid and late game and what will help you to own the battlefield.
  Secret tactics of farming that will ensure that you will climb the levels in a very short period of time!
  How the pros coordinate their attacks on ganking people, when to catch them off guard when they are at the neutral creeps and many other tactics that they sneakily use to get their kills. 
  When to use your spells, gauging the cool down, employing them at the right moment and using them to save yourself. 
  How to maximize the terrain to your advantage. Works especially well against range heroes! 
  Juking techniques and how you can use trees, stop and go, neutrals, change of direction phantom spots and even Roshan himself to shake off your enemies! 
  Techniques on how to nail Roshan as early as possible within the game even if you are at a lower level! 
  How to counter each and every strategy out there. You will be able to hold your own against any team! 
  The pros and cons of every hero’s role in the game and what role you should be playing for your team! 
  Many more! 


This is one guide that will truly please you!  

Here's your chance to get all of the tips, strategies and hints that the top DOTA Pros and Gosus are using out there. It is almost unfair to have them hog all the secrets to themselves and you will get it all in this guide book.

Maybe you're still skeptical, and I understand that. I was like you once and I know what it's like to be the most undesirable team mate on a DOTA team.

The good news is that you can be using these powerful tactics as early as right now, and best of all, it is totally risk-free.

Here's my guarantee to you:

  You prefer to struggle to SLOWLY leveling up your hero while others dominate.
  You like to risk your account by using illegal bots, hacks and cheats.
  You want to waste money on unproven and untested guides.
  You prefer spending hundreds of hours being labeled a feeder, noob or an outcast.

Note: When you learn these secrets in the DOTA 2 Secrets Guide, you are truly going to be able to become the best at the game. However, having such a reputation of gosu can be a "mixed blessing" if you aren't careful.

You'll probably find that even more players will constantly beg you to be on their team, represent them for their tourneys, or pester you day in, day out on how you can be such a champion on DOTA 2.

Thousands of DOTA players have used my secrets for a long time, long before this book is published. If you don't grab your copy of DOTA 2 Secrets Guide today, the only question you'll have to ask yourself is, "how much time and effort have I wasted on my LOSING and where could I be if I had used this guide?"

If you're investing your time and money to play DOTA 2, don't you deserve to enjoy it as much as possible?


Don’t let the chance to become the biggest, best new player in DOTA 2 around to pass you by. I’m not kidding when I say this is going to go up, and then there are the other people who will be swooping in to make master the strategies here. Don’t let this work against you when they score a kill at your expense!



I know you are going to make a fantastic player if you follow the tips in this guide. Quit struggling and get started today!


To Your Gaming Success,

Tony 'T Dub' Sanders

P.S. I believe that your time is very precious. If you really want to learn the best stuff, you must not waste your time reading other cheap, fluffy guides that will teach you nothing and cost you the game as well. I believe in providing the best and only the best!

P.P.S Many have already profited from my guide, but with the MILLIONS of new people playing DOTA 2, now is your chance to use these strategies before everyone else finds out about them!

P.P.P.S Don’t forget – if you order DOTA 2 Secrets today, the ultimate guide to mastering every aspect of this awesome game, you’ll receive my 60 day, risk-free money back guarantee. Don’t worry about a thing other than becoming the best possible DOTA 2 player out there!



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